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    Lead Generation Service


    WPeasyLeads Integrates Seamlessly In Your Workflow

    Empower your team to use WPeasyLeads with their favorite business tools to send data from their lead sources, sync call activity, analyze results, get notified, and more.

    WPeasyLeads Delivers More Quality Leads Who Are Truly Ready To Engage

    Rather than relying on website activity and click-through rates, Upcall engages in human conversations with leads and gets you real responses to your qualifying questions.


    • Expertly written templates and survey options
      for a speedy setup
    • Customizable data fields to give each contact
      a personal touch
    • Tailor-made scripts for your industry and use case

    Our Lead Generation Process

    Marketing Automation and CRM Integration

    As part of alignment process, our team will use such tools that will commit to capture and manage leads and customers everyday.

    Lead Generation

    Capture qualified sales leads through high quality content and targeted:

    • Inbound marketing
    • Demand generation

    Lead Nurturing

    Monitor and influence the progress of leads through the sales funnel by presenting them with relevant content based on buyer persona and content mapping.

    Lead Intelligence Gathering

    Marketing works with Sales to establish key criteria for lead segmentation and scoring. Hopefully, you have already created a comprehensive list of buyer personas and a detailed buyer journey for each persona. If not, check out these resources.

    Now plan how you will capture this information through landing pages and forms, using a progressive profiling approach so that conversion rates are kept high. Identify relevant pages and events that, if visited or triggered, also allow you to update lead profiles during the buyer journey. Access LinkedIn,, Hoovers and other business data sites you can use to cross-reference leads and further develop their profiles. Some of these sources can be directly integrated through HubSpot and Salesforce apps and APIs.

    Lead Scoring

    Set up lead scoring criteria and points-awarded system to update lead lifecycle stages, move leads to the CRM when the timing is right and trigger notifications using marketing automation workflows. Leads accumulate positive scores for behavior and demographics. For example:

    Persona—industry, title, role, company size, revenues
    Engagement—number of visits, unique page views, repeat visits, form conversions, email opens and clicks, blog comments, social media mentions, inbound links
    Buyer stage—clicks and conversions on specific content indicating a lead lifecycle change, such as mid-funnel and bottom-funnel offers
    Velocity—recency of engagement, volume and timing of events indicating an imminent intent to buy
    Also, apply negative scoring for form answers or behaviors that designate a lead as a poor fit, for example: competitor company, low budget or non-company email address.